Animation – Performance Animator


Descrição da Vaga

We are seeking a highly motivated individual who excels in bringing to life characters through acting and performance, including combat and locomotion sets for game characters. Your primary responsibility will be the animation of all assigned characters and props. We are looking for animators with a strong sense of design, posing, and an aptitude for facial animation and lip sync while maintaining strong fundamentals in weight and body mechanics.


Job Responsibilities & Experience

  • Work with the storyboard/animatic/layout and create feature level, key-framed animation;
  • Understanding of the FACS system.
  • Traditional animation experience a plus.
  • Can do performance animation between two characters or more.
  • Understanding of locomotion sets.
  • Good secondary animation techniques.
  • Familiarity with rigs and weighting, and can solve basic issues.
  • Has experience working with performance capture data.
  • Good hand-key Animator.
  • Good combat animation between two or more characters.
  • Experience working in Maya, Motion Builder, and Unreal.
  • Work with animation quotas given by the production
  • After effects, video editing, shot composition and layout, storyboarding a plus.
  • Unreal and/or Unreal sequencer Experience a plus.

For now, send your information to